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Introducing Our Partners: Sonia Nicholas – The Green Apple Club

You Are What You Eat-Future Proofing Your Health through Diet 

Ageing successfully depends on many things. Wealth is of course an important factor, but so too are the other pillars of The Royall Wealth Club, happiness and health. Without your health you are likely to be unhappy, and what use is wealth if you aren’t well enough to enjoy it?   This week we wanted to introduce our partner, Sonia Nicholas of the Green Apple Club who will be taking part in The Royall Wealth Club’s activities. Read on for some great tips from Sonia on how your diet and lifestyle make a big impact on your future.



When we think about our health in relation to getting older, we often think of the chronic diseases that become more prevalent with age. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and dementia; these are diseases that we all fear.   Although some people are genetically predisposed to have an increased risk of diseases like this, lifestyle factors play a huge role in determining whether you will succumb to them or not.

The food and exercise choices that you make today, will affect how well you are in a year or a decade’s time. When we do fall ill we visit the doctor, who prescribes us tablets to make us feel better. But in this modern age, we are so reliant on doctors and pharmaceutical medications that we have forgotten the power of natural medicine. We are so intent on controlling the symptoms of disease that we have forgotten to treat the root cause of the problem.  

However, scientists now are increasingly recognising that diet and chronic diseases are intricately intertwined, and cutting-edge research tells us that many natural food compounds can be used to significantly improve our health.

For example, eating a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables has been shown to help prevent many different types of cancer; eating antioxidant-rich foods is thought to reduce the risk of developing dementia; diets rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium can help to lower blood pressure; and eating foods high in dietary fibre can help to combat Type II Diabetes.  

Too many of us think of our diets only in relation to our waistlines. But the food that we eat is so much more than that. The compounds that we take in through our diet, quite literally make us who we are.   If we want to live well and age well, then we also need to eat well.  

The Royall Wealth Club is an exclusive framework for successful people from all walks of life to meet, share and develop their personal goals around wealth, life style and well-being.  You will be able to learn and network via quarterly meetings and receive a monthly magazine with input from a variety of speakers and thought leaders to provide further understanding and skills to help you achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness!  

If this sounds interesting I will be delighted to invite you to come along to the launch of the Royall Wealth Club in October. Click here to find out more and register to attend the launch meeting.  

At the launch event we will be providing a free clean eating recipe from The Green Apple Club. Find out more about The Green Apple Club at


We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

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