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Venice - Irene & Martyn Buckley

I have known Irene for nearly 10 years following a recommendation from her son Phil. Irene has two other sons, Martyn and Clive. Irene was widowed many years ago and we have helped her with inheritance tax planning and investment advice. Irene was 80 in October 2016 and I have always been impressed by how bright and alert she is. Irene keeps active by walking when possible and is still keeping on top of a large garden and sitting on a drive on lawnmower. She regularly attends art classes to keep her mind stimulated. 

After Martyn’s wedding in August 2016 he decided that he would take Irene away for a trip to Venice, but for just the two of them. The trip turned into a lovely surprise as when Irene arrived in Venice they took the water taxi past the city and hotels to a tall ships clipper boat that was moored in the harbour. Irene was then taken on a delightful cruise from Venice down to Rabac in Croatia and then up the east coast of Italy through Trieste. This was followed with a day’s sightseeing in Venice.

Irene explained “it was a wonderful surprise and to be taken on such a wonderful and memorable holiday is something that I will always remember. When you become widowed you suddenly cease to have an important other half.  Until you have been widowed or lose a partner you don’t fully understand the implications of this. It was lovely on the trip to be treated as someone’s partner when introduced with Martin and to have the full attention of people rather than being an extra person with other couples and families.

The experience of sailing on such a lovely ship and staying at wonderful resorts in beautiful settings was truly memorable”.

I think this is a beautiful example of how we can use money to improve the lives of ourselves and others.  Martyn not only had a great time on this trip but he could share his experience with his mum and give her a big thank you for everything that she has done for him over the years.  

This is what we would like to encourage for members of the Royall Wealth Club. It is not just about making a return on your money in percentage terms it is about making a return on your money in personal fulfilment terms.

We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

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