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Mindful Money

Today, thanks to the way modern society works and the almost invisible way that money lubricates our lives, most of us live lives of luxury beyond the dreams of people even 50 years ago let alone 500 years ago: We live in relative security; we can fly to distant countries and eat exotic food from all corners of the world. Entertainment via the internet and increasing choice via TV channels is almost limitless and improvements in medical care means we hopefully can live many years to enjoy all of these new found luxuries. 

Yet whilst all of these improvements in our lives should make us a lot happier it is often not the case: Many of us feel trapped with large levels of debt in uninspiring jobs.  Our lives are very materialistic and we seem to be working longer and longer hours with less spare time to enjoy with our friends and loved ones. Consider some of these statements:

  • There must be more to life than this! 

  • I’m bored of corporate life and want to get off the treadmill

  • Once my working day is finished and I’ve spent time with my family there is no time left for me

  • I’ve made plenty of money, but I have no interest in my investments, I don’t understand them and I don’t have a clue if they are right for me.

  • I really enjoyed my job, but now it’s over I’ve lost my sense of purpose. I would love to find a way to fill my time and get my mojo back.

By being mindful with the way that we spend our lives and our money we can develop ourselves to have much more fulfilling lives. We should also be mindful of where and how we invest our money. My recommendation is to start with yourself first and money mindfulness will then follow on from there.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Be aware of the beauty and fragility of life. The only absolute certainty in life is death, you just don’t know when! So enjoy life and make the most of it. Embrace change and appreciate that nothing is permanent

  2. Cultivate a spirit of kindness in your life. First of all be kind to yourself and in time you can be kind to friends, family and even people you are not so friendly with 

  3. Develop generosity, both in terms of sharing materials things AND in sharing your time and thoughts for others. Be the first to arrive to help and the last to leave and tidy up, not many people do nowadays!

  4. Try to be content with what you have 

  5. Be honest, with yourself and others. Face up to your current situation and act purposefully to improve

  6. Be more aware full stop. Take time to breathe deeply, appreciate your surroundings and the impact of what you do. Appreciate what you have already rather than constantly striving for something new

  7. Live and invest purposefully. Invest in yourself, your family and your local community. Invest your time as well as your money to reap the fullest of rewards

We will explore this in more detail at the Royall Wealth Club and in time we will also be launching the Royall Wealth Consultancy Service to help you understand your own unique personal positions and how you can break the chains of desire and work towards a clear fulfilling future with confidence.

If this sounds interesting I will be delighted to invite you to come along to the launch of our new project, Royall Wealth Club which will be launched in October. 

Our new project will offer a framework for successful people from all walks of life to meet, share and develop their personal goals around wealth, life style and well-being. To promote this we will be hosting quarterly forums involving a variety of speakers and thought leaders to provide further understanding and improve our skills in the following fields:

  • Topical discussions on economic or social changes impacting our Society

  • Developing you personally towards your lifestyle and  financial goals 

  • Explore alternative ways of spending and enjoying money

  • Understanding different ways of improving health and well being 

  • Supporting your community and making a difference 

We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

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