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Lock your phone away for an hour a day — and feel better for it

We, as a society, have been glued to our phones for too long. It's not healthy. Mobile phones have come a long way, but not all of the advances are positive. Phones have come so far that we're even describing them as "smart".

A snapshot of a public bus journey from anywhere in the UK 20 years ago would have featured passengers talking to each other or gazing out the window. The modern-day equivalent of that snapshot is alarming. We're not talking to each other, nor are we gazing out the window and appreciating the beauty of the world around us.

Instead, we are browsing social media sites at every opportunity and being made to feel inferior. We are staring at pictures of people that we don't know and cluttering our brain with a plethora of frantic thoughts.

We are giving ourselves an inferiority complex which, in turn, can lead to harmful feelings of anxiety. At a time when mental health awareness has never been more important, many of us are sabotaging our own happiness.

In this blog, the author is asking everybody to lock their phone away for one hour every day. Time spent asleep doesn't count.

Lock your phone away at a time when you are most likely to use it to aimlessly browse through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

If you get the bus to work, make a concerted effort not to look at your phone. Turn it off and put it in your pocket. Then, focus your attention on appreciating everything that is happening in the world around you. If somebody sits down beside you, offer them a warm smile and notice, in their expression, how they appreciate it.

Lock your phone away for one hour every day for an entire month, and acknowledge how enriched you feel for it. Slowly but surely your mind will become decluttered of all the Facebook posts that made you feel inferior, and all the pictures on Instagram that made you feel uneasy about your physical appearance.

Take the one-month challenge. Declutter your mind. Feel better in yourself.

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