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Royall Wealth Club Launch 20th October – Introducing our speakers

Mike Zeidler, founder of Happy City

Mike Zeidler

By now we would hope that you have seen some information regarding the launch of our new venture, The Royall Wealth Club. This week we wanted to tell you the story of one of the prominent speakers at our launch event, Mike Zeidler, the founder of Happy City:

Happy City was founded by Mike and Liz Zeidler in 2010 after 20 years work in strategic change. The project was born through challenging the idea that financial growth produces healthier, happier communities whilst taking care of nature.

On his Linked In profile Mike states: ‘We believe progress should be measured in more intelligent ways. We also believe measures should be active and engaging, building on existing strengths and providing opportunities for people to claim their part in a richer economy’

The original project plan for Happy City outlined a sophisticated model enabling bottom-up demand for better lives to meet top-down concerns of national strategists. Guided by international experience of Participatory Development, the project was designed to involve as many people as possible. So with Tipping Points in mind, they launched a 'public inquiry into what works' as an alternative to the conventional problems focused approach.  

In the 6 years since, much of that vision has come to fruition.  The three interconnected elements of the model – Campaigns, Training and Measures – have been developed and trialled across Bristol and beyond.  With a social media following around the world, and projects and events run everywhere from prisons to boardrooms, their campaigning arm has been building considerable know-how about how to get people everywhere thinking, talking and acting on routes to lasting happiness.  The training elements are now focussed on delivering quality learning at scale – with train-the-trainer models, Wellbeing Champions Networks, Positive Leadership workshops and tailored training for a wider range of sectors emerging.

Happy City's vision of new measures of prosperity was (and still is) utterly ground-breaking.  We are unaware of any equivalent system alive to what happens at street level which combines drivers of wellbeing (health, economy, environment, education, culture, etc.) with those of flourishing lives (relationships, belonging, purpose, vitality, etc).  

The emerging suite of measurement and policy tools are being officially launched in November.  You can get an early insight when, in his talk Mike will cover the story of Happy City to date, the achievements and challenges thus far as well as the future plans. By his own account Mike is an 'Opportunity Maker' - a pattern seeker involved in different worlds, communicating sweet spots of shared interest to make opportunities for people to accomplish greater things together.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to find out more about Mike, Happy City and our new venture, come along to our launch event in October.

We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

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