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Royall Wealth Club Launch 20th October - Introducing Our Speakers

Derrick Royall, the Royall Wealth Club Founder Member

By now we would hope that you have seen some information regarding the launch of our new venture, The Royall Wealth Club. This week we wanted to tell you more about Derrick Royall, the founder member of the Club who will be speaking at the launch event.

Derrick is the driving force behind The Royall Wealth Partnership and has nearly 20 years’ experience as an independent financial advisor, and over 30 years in the financial services profession.

Derrick is a visionary, seeking to combine health and wellbeing with a comprehensive approach to investments and financial planning.

This approach originates from the belief that complete wellness comes from the marriage of health, wealth and happiness, which is at the heart of Derrick’s new venture, The Royall Wealth Club. It is also reflected in Derrick’s many interests inside and outside of work including volunteering his time for local and national charities such as Rotary and What’s Right. Spending time with his family is also important to Derrick to ensure a good work and life balance.

The two key focuses for Derrick are what he calls “Successful Aging” and “Society Investing”. Successful Aging is to be mindful of your lifestyle and what you do to ensure you have as long and happy a life as possible, whilst not forgetting to enjoy yourself in the process!

Derrick says: “I have met some great people over the past six months as part of my research before launching The Royall Wealth Club. Here are a few examples to give you a flavour:

I met with John Lewis as I see them as a fine example of a company that can offer a great service whilst looking after their staff in a partnership approach. I also met with Tesla Motor Company as I see them as a ground breaking company for the near future.

Society investing for me means to make a return on your investment whilst also improving our local community or society in general. Ed Rowberry of Bristol and Bath Regional Capital is a leader in this field and over time we will make contacts via ours and members’ networks to offer attractive investment opportunities in this field.

Ed introduced me to John Pontin, a leading light in Bristol property and philanthropy, and we are researching ways to improve the housing shortage and offer an attractive return to investors.

James Long and Margaret Brereton at Pacific Yoga in Bristol is another great example. Their Yoga business offered the opportunity to improve our well-being via Yoga whilst also offering tax breaks and capital growth prospects via an Enterprise Investment Scheme structure. You even get free Yoga classes as an investor in their business.

I have been speaking to Bio Scientist Sonia Nicholas of The Green Apple Club, fitness experts such as Christopher Hole and Rob Suchet and the charity, Penny Brohn, who will be speaking at our launch event.

As a result of all this, we have some great speakers contributing to our launch event and I am sure people who attend will have an interesting evening and make some good contacts in the process.

My vision is to grow a like-minded community of people who can grow and learn together whilst becoming wealthier in the process, to both increase the value of your wealth and feel better about yourself. To achieve this we will be teaming up with leading investment companies to help our members invest wisely and keep up to date with developments in the world. In addition we will gain access to top experts in a variety of fields so that our members can be at the forefront of developments to improve their health and well-being.”

If this sounds interesting and you would like to find out more about this exciting new venture and how it fits with you, come along to our launch event on 20th October.

We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

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