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How to save money and find happiness...

When it comes to accumulating wealth, one of the greatest ways to do this is through saving. It may seem straightforward, but often as our bank balance increases, so too does our spending. It's where the saying 'living to your means' comes from.

However, it doesn't always bring happiness with it; and that's where these top tips come in. By spending less, you can both accumulate greater wealth while also finding an increased sense of inner peace.

Identify between 'needs' and 'wants'

Every time you go to make a purchase, ask yourself the question 'do I NEED this or do I WANT it?' If it is the latter, put it back. It is something you're buying on a whim and chances are, it'll be a decision you later regret. This sense of guilt won't fill you with happiness.

Edit your outgoings

If you have all your outgoings written down in a spreadsheet, take a look at where it's all going. It's highly likely there will be a few expenses that you haven't noticed leaving the account each month that you actually don't need.

Make positive swaps

If you usually go to the gym, are you able to start exercising outdoors? Not only will it save you money in the long run but it'll also give you a great boost getting the feeling of fresh air rushing around you and the endorphins racing.

Cycling has become a huge trend of late and there are plenty of clubs to join in with where you can also meet like-minded people to exercise with. The same goes for running clubs; and finding a partner to work out with will also help with your motivation, so it's a double bonus.

If you have a car or use the bus, how about swapping it where possible for cycling or walking? It'll be a great boost to your health, will increase how much exercise you're doing, and will save you a tremendous amount of costs including petrol, parking, road tax, insurance, maintenance, bus fares, etc.

Learn how to cook

A lot of the time, cooking costs a great deal more money than it should because people are either eating expensive ready meals, eating out because they find cooking too time-consuming, or they're buying pricey ready-made sauces and mixes.

Using fresh, natural ingredients and cooking from scratch will always work out to be the most cost-effective way and means you can batch cook enough for freezing or eating the following week.

Cooking healthy, delicious meals rather than eating expensive processed food will be crucial to how you feel - it's packed with plenty more vitamins and minerals - and there's no greater satisfaction than eating something delicious that you've prepared yourself.

Invest wisely

When saving money, high-interest accounts, ISA savings accounts and investments are all great ways to increase what you're able to put away. They also enable you to earn extra money without added stress or pressure, simply through letting the money work for itself.

Set up a regular savings investment, ideally invested tax-efficiently to grow for the future. Our busy lives today often prevent us from planning for the future and making investment decisions; and many people spend according to their bank balance. If the investment goes out of your account every month you adjust your budget very quickly and the money can then build up for your future. It can build up surprisingly fast too. 

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