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Get up an hour earlier every day

Sleep is mandatory - but snoozing until 7am every day isn’t. Even though most people are in such a firm habit, there are several advantages to setting your alarm to wake up an hour earlier than you do now. Yes, at first you may feel tired. However, once you’ve settled into the routine you should find that you can experience more positivity on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, here’s what you stand to benefit from getting up an hour earlier every day. 


The first few moments after waking will become peaceful. You will not feel pressured to jump in the shower, nor will you feel the urge to step into the ‘real world’. Instead, you can start the day in a relaxing and leisurely fashion. You can even take one moment to sit there in silence while you consider all the good things in your life.


It’s commonly believed that sunrise is the most beautiful natural phenomenon in the world. Sadly though, so many sleep through it. It just takes the smallest amount of effort to watch it, even if it’s only gradual from a bedroom window. Watching the sun light up the world should leave you satisfied and inspired to tackle the rest of the day.


The stress of rush hour will no longer need to start your day off on the wrong foot. You can forget about gridlocked traffic, packed trains and queues for the coffee shop. Instead, you can begin your day at a leisurely place. This should then give you the chance to appreciate the beauty in the world.


You should feel an immediate sense of achievement from waking up early. This strong feeling of self-confidence can last throughout the day and can be focused on work, exercise and personal progression.

What are you waiting for?

This small change to your day could lead to increased health, wealth and happiness in your life. It couldn’t be easier to attain either. Just set your alarm one hour earlier and start to enjoy what – until now – you’ve been missing out on.

Just remember, we all need enough sleep, so you might have to go to bed an hour earlier too!

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