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Can goal setting make you a happier person?

The older you get the more it can feel as though time is flying by and before you’ve realised it, we’re halfway through the year with those New Year resolutions a distant memory. Setting off in January with a challenging list of goals to accomplish, in the coldest, darkest month of the year is an exercise many fail to translate into achievements. After a few months you might begin to reflect and feel as though the year’s passing you by without achieving any of the goals or dreams you wanted to at the beginning of the year. Whilst it’s important to live your life and not be rigidly focussed on the accomplishment of goals, finding fulfilment in progressing in our lives can be a huge key to deep, lasting happiness.

Setting your goals

There are a number of ways you can set your goals. Drawing inspiration from planning frameworks you may have used in work can be a great way to clarify what you want to achieve and set realistic timeframes in which to do so.

The sections of your life

One popular way to reflect upon where you are in life, and where you want to be, is to set out the different sections of your life into areas such as: health, work, finances, family & friends, and personal goals. Once you’ve decided upon the most important areas to you – aim for about 5-8 – you can start noting down what you love about these areas of your life and what you feel you have achieved so far.

Next, you can work out what you feel is missing in these areas, and set goals to overcome what you consider is lacking to achieve a more fulfilled life. Reflecting first on what is bringing you happiness, and what you’re already proud of is a great way to instantly find joy in your life. Realising what else you would like to achieve is the next step in moving forward into living the life of your dreams.

Take some time out over the evenings this week or this weekend, sit down and invest the time in finding out what goals you want to achieve to bring you greater fulfilment and ultimately more happiness in your life.

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