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 Brexit, Trump and Embracing Opportunity

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s a good time to pause, take a breath and reflect on the dramatic events of the past 12 months.

Future historians will probably attach most importance to this year for the result of the EU referendum, with the UK’s vote for Brexit, and America’s election of the ‘underdog’; businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump for President. According to the majority of available polls, neither result was expected. Both outcomes therefore sent shockwaves across the world.  

Whilst the markets have stabilised since, uncertainty persists. Some may consider this a time to withdraw from investing and/or take a ‘wait and see’ approach. However those people may be wise to consider the old phrase ‘in change lies opportunity’.

Whilst the potential for losses may deter some investors, a turbulent market means there is also potential for massive growth on relatively small sums. Those who are willing to be flexible and open to new opportunities could reap huge rewards at such times. After all, fortune favours the brave.

Advisors and wealth managers have their own views on what currently looks like a good investment opportunity following these huge changes. As just one example, the value of the UK’s property market looked to be shaky post Brexit, but early December results for regeneration specialist St Modwen and property investment firm Hansteen have defied this, and have been strong. This, coupled with the government’s recent pledges to tackle the UK housing crisis may mean that those involved in housing provision - including social housing providers - may be a good investment option.

Such changeable markets mean that it is more vital than ever to keep up to date with the latest shifts and developments. If you are interested in investment opportunities at this tricky, but exciting time, you could benefit from the support that can be gained from working with other organisations and entrepreneurs.

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