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Attend our next event: Imaginative Wealth Creation, 27th April 2017


If you want to be inspired by creative ways of developing your wealth then come to our 'Imaginative Wealth Creation' evening!

Three key presenters will give their take on innovative funding and wealth creation ideas.

- Discover how to make the most of your money with practical money management guidance

- Learn how you can help entrepreneurs in disadvantaged countries via loans from you 

- Be inspired to invest with the long term purpose of making Bristol a better place for us to live and work,     whilst making a competitive return on our money

Speakers include:

Jo Thresher: Managing Director, Better With Money

Jo has been a financial services professional for nearly 30 years and has won awards for her work. She understands the gaps between what financial services offers and what people actually want and need. She uses her experience as a trained money coach to provide advice to a wide range of people.
Jo will explain how managing your own finances will set the foundations for your wealth creation and the importance of financial education for all.

Vashti Seth: Founder, Deki

The founder of Deki, a Bristol-based charity, will discuss how they help to create and support entrepreneurs all across the world to provide for their families and turn their lives around. They do this through the distribution of capital from willing lenders who are looking for an impactful way to invest their money.
This talk will be both informative and inspiring to explore the lives they have affected through the projects they have supported.

Ian Townsend: Chief Executive, Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Our keynote speaker, Ian Townsend, has been Chief Executive of Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC since June 2016. BGCP CIC is an independent organisation whose vision is a sustainable Bristol with a high quality of life for all, with a cross-sector network of several hundred organisations that share this vision, including businesses, the public sector, charities and community organisations. Originally founded in 2007, BGCP became a Community Interest Company in 2014, then contributed to Bristol European Green Capital 2015, before evolving into its current form to ensure it ‘didn’t stop there’.

Ian previously worked at senior levels in International Development, Government and Parliament, giving him an insight into the challenges facing Bristol and our region and how these fit with national and global challenges. Ian will discuss the sustainability challenges facing Bristol and how we might invest together to make Bristol a better place for all. He will draw on his experience to date and talk about how learnings might be applied to future projects for innovative wealth creation.



Your Opportunity to Learn & Share Your Expertise

At the end of the evening we will hold a panel Questions & Answers session to listen to your views and set in place an action plan to establish innovative ideas, such as the establishment of a Greater Bristol Wealth Fund.

You will benefit from attending this event if you:

- Are seeking interesting and innovative ways to boost your own wealth creation

- Want to learn lessons from the experience of our expert presenters

- Would like to network with positive thinking people from a wide variety of backgrounds

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